Design ?
3 video Clips to show that design is not only about odd chairs and wierd pencils that explode in your hands...
You drive a car which has been concieved by a designer and  engeneered together with
Design what?
YES... Design from the industry point of view ???
Design as the most sensible act to get the best value out of your activity.
Design of products, industry, managment, agriculture, food,...
 the odd
1989 campaign to promote design among the French Industry; a one off which has boosted the interest for design and the contract innovation supported by the French government by x100 at least... It has been broadasted on every French TV and has been the video support of STARCK Expo at Beaubourg “50 years of French design.
Campagne 1989 pour promouvoir le design parmi les PME. A augmente par x100 les contrats design supportes par l’ANVAR... diffusee sur toutes les chaines francaises, sans fond...  ainsi que support video de l’expo de STARCK à Beaubourg “50 ans de design francais”