Les foodingues Advisors
- for government offices :
      French National Campaign for design :
         Ministry of Industry + ANVAR
         + Ministry of Culture;
                Concept of the campaign, creation of the leaflets, creationa and direction of
                the 3 advertising films shown on every French TVs and by ANVAR
                and the Foundation for Design in France
      * advisor for PROMPEX
      Peru, Ministry of Exports ;
                Courses on design for Peruvian entrepreneurs, field work with 15 small
                and medium scale companies and artisans;
                design of more than 70 new objects for the Peruvian Gift Show Fair.
- for foundations :
      * advisor for DOITUNG,
                Quality checking and design training of the work of about 2000 artisans;
                advice on reforestation, food production, decoration and design creativity.