Pour creer de la nourriture, il faut savoir comment la produire
To design food you have to know how it is produced.
Les Foodingues & le Studio TKTX ont constitue une equipe d’intervention au service des agriculteurs face aux enjeux du XXIeme siecle : les plus anciens savoirs sont associes aux techniques les plus modernes :
Les Foodingues & TKTX Studio have set up a multi disciplinary team to advise agricultors around the world : the most ancient technics are combined to the state of the art new ones, to overcome te stakes of the XXIst century :
Projets en cours, running project : Lambayeque / Peru (15 000ha), Camargue / France (100ha), Champagne / France (5ha)
Trouver l’eau... / Find water ...
Etude aquiphere par radar satellite
water study by satellite radar
With Alain Gachet the creator of the technique.
Le radar satellite d’Alain Gachet plonge jusqu’à 20m sous le sol pour tracer l’EAU, son histoire, son devenir. The radar satellite of Alain Gachet goes 20m deep in the ground to trace water and understand its history and future evolution.
Cette etude nous donne les point GPS exacts pour forer les puits eventuels.
This study gives us the exact GPS data to dig the wells.
Understand the soil ...
/ Comprendre le sol
80% of the living beings of this planet are in the soil.
80% du vivant de la planete est dans le sol
Etude du sol par les plantes bioindicatrices
Study of the soil by Bio-indicator plants
With the botanist Gerard Ducerf, creator of the technique.
Gerard Ducerf is also the manager of the recollecting teams of wild plants for the Boiron Laboratories and the Laboratoires Fabre , both major farmaceutical labs in Europe.
Gerard Ducerf est le createur de cette technique : les graines de toutes les plantes sont rependues partout sur la planete. Elle germent lorsqu’elles rencontre les conditions pour lesquelles elles sont genetiquement programmees. C’est la levee de dormance de la graine. En alliant l’observation scientifique, la biochimie et la genetique en regard de la connaissance du biotope originel de chaque plante nous pouvons desormais comprendre pour chaque sol, l’etat dans lequel il se trouve et surtout definir la dynamique du sol dans laquelle il est engage (ce qu’aucune technique classique d’etude du sol nous permettait jusqu’ici).
All the seeds have been spread off all over the planet for millions of years. But only the ones that encounter the conditions for which they are genetically programmed germinates. When you know the original biotope of the plant, the bio chemistry and the genetics it is responding to, we can define the state of the soil, and the inner dynamic of the soil.
How the soil is evolving and what we can do to influence this evolution.
No calssic soil study could give us such acurate information with such a small investment.
Depolluer, planter, soutenir les cultures...
Depollution, planting & natural fertilisation ...
Avec les indications des etudes precedentes nous pouvons decider les interventions urgentes et des cultures adaptees.
From the above studies we can decide of urgent moves and adapted cultivaitons.
Our interventions never use synthetic means and always enhances the solutions experienced from nature :
- myco-depollution : mushroom are the biggest eaters of hydrocarbons and PCBs (a 12 feet road can be crossed - eaten - by a mushroom in 2 months)
- mycofertilizers : mycelia are dependent on dead plants to grow, therefor they protect them and accelerate there life cycle: the most buoyant and rapid they are the more they can eat, but as well, the better agro turn-over we can achieve.
- mycorestoration : combining techniques of seeding with clay inoculated with mycelium we can recreate the first steps of soil creation by generating the first steps of “clay/organic matter balance” so that the soil can step out of a desertification spirale.
Remember : there is no desert on earth that has not been created by man. It is our duty to repair this in order to bring back a balance in the climate and fight against global warming.
Remember also : it can take one year to create a desert, which will need 10 000 years to come back to its prior state; If you help it, it can take as less as 2 years...
- plant sociology : plant complement themselves in order to defend and fertilize each other on their own with the less external need of external intervention...
- NO PLOUGHING : plough was invented by the Egyptians to keep the paysants quiet... Ploughing has no scientific basis what so ever and destroys life in the soil.
! Please do not try these advices without help or respecting the process needed if you do not  want to harm your land, listen to nature first!
Choisir les cultures de reconstitution des sols de maniere a ne jamais couper les revenus agricoles... Choose carefully the cultures to be made to remediate the soil so that the earnings diminish the least possible.
Choisir les cultures en fonction du biotope, du marché local et des distributeurs...
Choose the culture according to the biotope, the local market and the needs of the distributors.
A soil cannot be forced
One must refer to Ethnobotany the biotope of plants and their traditional uses by man, in order to take a decision on the best culture adapted.
THINK ; some very poor soil can bare the conditions requested by a rare medicinal plant which can be a very good cash crop.
Also, today the certified organic has a yearly progression of 30% against 0,5% for the conventional market.
This leads to a lack of organic soils in the world and a big difference in the value of a soil.
Less work in the fields
Less panic with weeds and insects
More observation of nature
More readings
More experience shared with colleagues